Al Salami Group is dedicated to creating a perfect balance between tradition and elegance. Our products symbolize this great nation's culture, respecting every bit of it's originality and true form. The services provided by us reflect proper order and integrity in exchange for satisfaction and gratitude.

Our Origin

Mr. Ahmed Sultan Al Salami founded Al Salami Group in the year 1948. During that time, businesses were extremely scarce in the location. Hence, it was very challenging for a new business to thrive in such a place. But Mr. Al Salami wasn't willing to give up, his determination and enthusiasm tied with entrepreneurial behaviour managed to pull him and his people through this impossible looking challenge and in the end, being rewarded with success.


Mr. Al Salami was at the very least, a true visionary. He would envision an idea and make sure its plausible and can be executed as a proper business plan. He was able to develop ideas that are realistic and has a great base. He was excellent at being flexible, identifying the market and finding the right investors. All of his business skills was of an immense help to the growth of the business.


If it was the one thing Mr. Al Salami was most concerned about, it was maintaining healthy and trustworthy relations whether its with a friend or for business purposes. He would listen to suggestions and advices and be open to constructive criticism. He also incorporated this way of thinking into people he met and especially into the employees. Even now, one of our company's main aim is to keep customer relations at the top of our priority.

Current State

Al Salami Group is currently one of the most successfull trading businesses in Al Ain. At the moment, the company is directed by Mr. Mohammed Al Neyadi and family members. Our business is growing and maintaning highest standards. We now have several companies under our name which are involved in various business actitivies: Al Salami & Sons for retail/trading, Eminence Property Management, Sky Rise General Contracting, Hydroponic Farms, Animal Farms, and Atmosphere General Maintenance. We look to expand our lines of businesses in future.